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Established in 2001

About usSince that time we are fully focussed on developing customized Internet, Print, Multimedia and Corporate Design solutions.

We are located in Magdeburg, the capital city of Saxony-Anhalt. Here, in the heart of Germany, we work successful with our clients and partners from home and abroad.

The field of internet and web design is the basic business segment of our company. Based on the know-how of many years and a constant expansion of our offers Yaway Media affords now integrated business activities around the internet including conception, design, coding, content service, search engines optimisation and webhosting services.

Trust is the key.

All the success of Yaway Media is based on the trust of our customers, which is the outcome of professional work and understanding of customer needs.

We offer customized:

How we do it!

Our professional approach is based on the closeness to our customer. Detailed pre-planning and preparation ensures fast delivery and high quality.

Saxony-Anhalt information:


is a Social Bookmarks Service provided by Yaway Media.


is a Yaway weblog dealing with WordPress and BuddyPress.


is a corporate design package for founder of a new business.


is a weblog giving attention to applications and web services.


is a short URL service by Yaway Media based on Phurl.