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08.03.2010Leaflets and posters for SDI-Molan

SDI Molan booth at a trade show in FranceThese days we finished a five-part poster series and leaflets for the exhibition appearance of SDI Molanat a trade show in France.

SDI-Molan GmbH & Co. KG is a German-American joint-venture of Special Devices, Inc. (SDI) and private shareholders. They produce pyro-electric initiators and micro gas generators for passive vehicle safet from Schönebeck in Germany.

The posters were made of tough rollup display material printed by Bliedung Sieb- und Digitaldruck print shop from Magdeburg. They are qualified for a multiple use and protected against humidity that would undulate any conventional paper without coating. For better carrying we delivered all posters in a special telescopic bag.

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